Check-list for communication measures

1. Is your business stationery (letterhead, business cards, invoice forms, etc.) uniform and attractively designed? yes  no
2. Are your company and/or product literature and other information materials up-to-date, and do they fully reflect your company's corporate design? yes  no
3. Do you implement event-related, local, regional and/or supra-regional press work? Do basic texts exist on your company/executives? yes  no
4. Are editorial texts on ongoing projects/products of your company prepared on a continuous basis, and are such texts offered to the relevant technical press for publication? yes  no
5. Is your advertising designed in a manner which attracts attention, are your ads published in the media of your target groups? yes  no
6. Does your presence in the media generally reflect your position in your company's market and industry, as well as your company's sales? yes  no
7. Are events initiated by your company (seminars, anniversaries, visitors' days) successful, and do they meet with the expectations of both you and your guests/clients? yes  no
8. Do you regularly use the new media (e-mail, own website) for communicating with your customers and for supporting your company's reputation? yes  no
9. Are all the communication programmes of your company (advertising, press and PR work) covered by a plan of action and a budget, and are they co-ordinated in terms of time/funds/manpower? Are an effective appropriation of funds as well as the optimum effect ensured ? yes  no
result yes no
Evaluation of "affirmative" answers
9 x yes Your corporate communications are just right. We wish you every success.
7-8 x yes There's potential for improvement when it comes to your communication policy. We would be delighted to assist you. Contact form
< 6 x yes You should urgently do something to improve your company's public presence. You should avail yourselves of the assistance of communication professionals. We would be delighted to advise you.Contact form