Integrated communication

We develop both integrated communication strategies as well as specific project concepts. We perform all that is necessary and assume responsibility for the entire management of communications:
  • Communication consulting
  • Design of logos and integrated slogans and brands
  • Establishment of a uniform corporate design
  • Complex PR work
  • Concept development and organisation of events
  • Planning, preparation and implementation of trade fair presentations
  • Sales promotion and advertising
  • Publications and information material for internal and external communications

Press and PR work

We design and organise ongoing, group-specific press and PR work, implementing project-specific PR measures:
  • Press conferences
  • Photo-shootings
  • Press releases
  • Press trips
  • Press contacts
  • Clippings/documentation

Event management

We plan, organise and implement all kinds of events:
  • National and international meetings, congresses, seminars
  • Company and location presentations (inauguration celebrations, laying the foundation stone, company anniversaries, inauguration of corporate headquarters)
  • Presentations at trade fairs


We develop, co-ordinate and implement commercial and sales promotion campaigns. We design information material in CD-ROM format.
  • Flyers, brochures, technical data sheets, delivery programmes - from start to finish
  • Mailing campaigns
  • Ad design and publication, media planning and budget management
  • Advertising materials
  • Sponsoring activities
  • Internet presence